Home Yun (Dalian) International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Homeyun, as a new rising company which prefer to change the traditional freight forwarding, is working to reduce the intermediate links due to excessive costs. To meet the important customers’ needs and ensure the information transparent, timely, safe and reliable, we provides the most suitable logistics solutions for customers and reduce logistics costs at the same time, which provides a one-stop logistics digital experience. The suppliers you choose to work with have sufficient customer source, and will provide you with Saas services, data services to rapidly improve your business's operational efficiency and so on. Let the highest quality suppliers become your partners to create science and technology shipping, technology air transport, science and technology services, other products, and release the suppliers' maximum service potential. Finally, through the visualization of data services to complete the customer-platform-supplier-customer’ s perfect closed loop, so as to achieve the entire logistics supply chain standardization, digitization, and achieve the whole process of logistics efficient, controllable, trustworthy.

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